Each Participant (whether as an Individual Participant or a team leader / member of a Collaborative Entry) is allowed for single registration only. Double and/or multiple registrations, if being identified, will lead to disqualification of the individual and / or team.

No registration fee is required for this Competition.


  • The registration is only successful with the confirmation/acceptance via email issued by the Professional Adviser.
  • After the receipt of the confirmation via email from the Professional Adviser, Participants shall use their 6 digits confidential number in their Entry Form as the log-in number with the agreement to the prescribed conditions to access and download the drawings and reference material listed in Annex E1 and/or Annex E2 respectively.

*Access to the Reference, Drawings & Design Guidelines will only be provided to successful applicants on individual basis by Professional Adviser.

Registration Email:

Reminder: Before submitting any Registration